Coffee And Memes with High Rankin

Weekday Mornings || 10am

High Rankin brings you the finest shoe throwers from across the flat earth and a healthy selection of the dumbest news of the day. Expect puerile humour, regular guests and plenty of cantankerous rhythm.  

Latest Episodes:

#128 - Irresponsible Goats On Spice

#127 - A 48 Hour Boner Is A Medical Emergency

#126 - April Fooled

#125 - Arrested For Dabbing

#124 - Ecosexual Is A Thing Now I Guess

#123 - Elon Musk, Ultimate Shitlord

#122 - Leave Drunk Scottish Swans Alone

#121 - Can A Man Not Poo In Peace

#120 - Dude, Where's My Foreskin

#119 - Toilet Seat Licker Of The Apocalypse 

#118 - Take My Nudes Please Mum

#117 - Pigeon Jesus

#116 - Get Your Whacking Tickets Lads

#115 - Drunk Goats Can Not Start A Small Business

#114 - The Bee Blozzer

#113 - Catnip Cocktail

#112 - Rainforest Witches

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Gold Top Radio with Cruk And Bide

Wednesdays || 8pm

Gold Top radio is a monthly show brought to you by Nick, AKA Cruk, and co-host Dan, AKA Bide, AKA Bidet. We are hell bent on providing the public with a smorgasbord of the freshest beats, the weightiest bangers, and the gulliest dingers.The team is lead by a shadowy figure from within one of London's toughest prisons, known only as, ‘The Supreme Leader’.Expect wise-cracks, guest mixes, sexy indiscretions, and the Leader. You will laugh, you will cry, you will complain to offcom.

Latest Episode:

Episode 4 - With guest Droptek - 08/05/19

Episode 3 - With guest Shyun - 15/03/19

Episode 2 - 15/02/19

Episode 1 - 15/01/19

Incidental Sonics with Constrict 

Thursdays || 1pm

Incidental Sonics sees Constrict trying to piece together the most exciting parts of the current bass music sound. The main focus is on jungle and drum & bass, but overlapping sounds such as dubstep, techno and ambient music also play a big part in forming the sound palette for the show.

Latest Episodes:

Episode 1 - 04/04/19

Roll Call with Parallaxed

Tuesdays || 11am

Ya boy, Parallaxed emptying a full clips worth of bangers directly into your Tuesday morning with no consideration of your workplace's health and safety protocol. Expect a full range of narky bits from Future Bass to full on Hard DNB. 

Latest Episodes:

Episode 8 - 07/05/19

Episode 7 - 30/04/19

Episode 6 - 23/04/19

Episode 5 - 16/04/19

Episode 4 - 09/04/19

Episode 3 - 02/04/19

Episode 2 - 26/03/19

Episode 1 - 19/03/19

The Smorgasbord Sessions

Fridays || 11am

A pair of Scandinavian, former sex workers look for Jesus through electronic dance music with varying success. This is their story told monthly through the medium of a 2 hour mix. Will they find the second coming of Christ? Probably not but it's more about the journey than the destination.

Lastest Episodes:

Episode 2 - 10/05/19

Episode 1 - 22/02/19

All Aboard with Duff

Thursdays || 9pm

No games no gimmicks. One hour of powerful Drum and Bass and Jungle from duff, showcasing the greatest floor-fillers and shoe throwers you forgot you raved to in the late 90s and 2000s.

Latest Episodes:

Episode 7 - 08/05/19

Episode 6 - 03/04/19

Episode 5 - 07/03/19

Episode 4 - 07/02/19

Episode 3 - 07/12/18

Episode 2 - 07/12/18

Episode 1 - 07/11/18

Rankin's Records

Thursdays || 3pm

High Rankin takes you on a journey through the best Drum And Bass ever pressed to vinyl. A rock solid guarantee backed up by an offer to fight anyone who says otherwise in a pub car park of their choosing. 

Latest Episode:

Episode 042 - How Dare You?

Episode 041 - I'll Be There For You

Episode 040 - Playtime

Episode 039 - Morning Light

Episode 038 - Back For More

Episode 037 - Take It Away

Episode 036 - Music Takes Your

Episode 035 - My Dub Is Your Dud

Episode 034 - Original Jungle Sound

Episode 033 - Spaced Invader

Aems Mc 

Ya boy, Aems Mc brings a monthly show of high grade DNB, Dubstep, Garage and beyond. Alongside the lace looseners comes a range to guests and guest mixes for to delve even deeper into.

Latest Episodes:

Episode 004

Episode 003 with Shotem

Episode 002 with Phobia

Episode 001 with Smerf

The Mezzanine Show with Irregular Joe

Mondays || 11am

The Mezzanine Show, a weekly 2-hour dive into the vast array of electronic music.With no limits on genre, age, format, palatability, or even decency, this should prove to be at the very least, an emotional experience.

Latest Episodes:

Episode 013

Episode 012

Episode 011

Episode 010

Episode 002

Episode 001 

Mitch Wade Cole's Self Help Show

Fridays || 1pm

The Mitch Wade Cole fuckin' Self Help Show, gonna get ya life hacks and get out of control. 

Latest Episodes:

Episode 2 - Garden Life Hacks

Episode 1 - Kitchen Life Hacks

Combine Radio

A new podcast from Veil and Ikarus under their joint venture, Combine. Combine Radio is looking to bring a wide curation of new, unreleased, and classic Drum & Bass while switching it up into other musical realms, all served with a slice of banter

Latest Episodes:

Episode 003

Episode 002

Episode 001

Cyantific FM

Thursdays || 8pm

Cyantific brings his legendary podcast to Threshold for a weekly show on Thursday evenings at 8pm. Expect the finest cuts Drum And Bass has to offer along with guests and a bit of good ol’ fashioned chit chat. 

Latest Episodes:

Cyantific FM #043

Cyantific FM #042