VIP List

A list of very important people that are helping keep the lights on this November at

Oliver Hooper
Nicholas Goncalves
Tom Ryan
Reece Mosson
Squidgy Beats Parsons
Pauly Hutton
Ciarán R
Michael Kedzierski
Matthew Tomkins
Dave Long
Joel Potter
Colm Murphy
Sam Howard
Tony J
Richard Patterson
Jack Murphy
Tom Camm
Stephen Harris
Matthieu Boulard
Zara Pickle
Jeroen Van Thunderbutt
Mike Pie
Anthony Walker
Lily Unsub
Richard Franks
Thomas Hall
Chode Ryder
Andrew Heichelbech
John Finison
BDR Crew
Peter Blatchford
Austin Grief Coupar
Gennady Lightfield
Ryan Glaser
James Parry
Dave Thompson
Hendo Bartendo
Lady Squiffington
Liam Underwood
Dan Fucking Morris
A Guy With No STD’s
Justin Mercer
Josh Williams
Rob Humphris
Shibby T
Coco Shiva
Dan Eltham
Taran Wilmore

Thank you all very much. It means a lot. I will shout you out at the top of every show.

If you want to support the station and get your name on the VIP list, just to the Patreon page here and sign up!